best baby swings under $100

Moms are sleep-deprived, and baby swings can help them a lot. You’ll get several results when searching for the best swing for a baby on a budget. Remember that, not all baby swings are created equal. So here we’ve compiled a list of the best baby swings for moms who want to get some rest.

The baby swing is one of those pieces of baby gear that you don’t know how much you need until it arrives on your doorstep. Most parents will agree that there is no baby gear as helpful and necessary for the baby’s first year of life or even beyond as the baby swing is.

The baby swings we recommend are all under $100 (which means they’re affordable to most families). For moms on the go, we wrote reviews of baby swings that are lightweight and portable so you can take them in the car or store with ease.

We recommend baby swings for babies under six months old with a gentle motion for moms who want their baby to sleep through the night. These baby swings will help the baby drift off into dreamland, and you will get a few hours of rest.

Tips on Buying Baby Swing

Choosing the right baby swing can feel like a daunting task. You have to compare specs, features, and sizes while making sure it is safe for your child’s needs. Make things easier with our helpful guide on buying a baby swing.

Choosing an infant swing starts out simple enough: you just need to find one that meets all of your requirements in terms of safety measures as well as budget restrictions. 

Our guide below will help make this process less stressful by walking you through what factors might matter most when considering buying a baby swing.


The first thing you should take into consideration when buying a baby swing is the safety level. You won’t want to have any accidents that might happen with your child, so make sure you do your research before purchasing one.

The robust and durable design will ensure peace of mind for parents who are looking for an option they can trust in order to keep their little ones safe.


A baby swing is one of the first purchases new parents make for their cute little family members. You will find that there are a wide variety of swings to choose from. There are so many options when it comes to baby swings, everything from the economical model all the way up to a more expensive one near three hundred dollars.

Consider how much money you have to spend on a baby swing and try to choose a baby swing accordingly. So you should be able to find one that fits your price point without too much trouble.


This is where things may start getting more complicated because there are so many different features baby swings offer nowadays. Some baby swings have soft seats, some of them swing side to side and others are stationary. Some also play music or have lights, while others offer soothing vibrations.

You may not need the bells and whistles of a baby swing with features like these if your main focus is safety but they can be helpful if you want the baby to be entertained and soothed.

Ease of Use

Babies need a lot of love and attention, but sometimes it’s hard to hold them the whole time. The baby swing is an excellent solution. Not only does swinging soothe babies that are crying or fussy, but it also helps keep your little one asleep for hours.

So if you should look for something easy-to-use with minimal setup required and opt for a model with automatic vibration settings as well as ones allowing you to easily transfer the baby from their seat while they sleep soundly in peace.


The way your baby feels when they’re in a swing can change how comfortable it is for them to sleep. There are some swings that have fabrics or padding, which may be better if you want the best experience possible from this product.

The feel of the fabric on their skin while swinging back and forth could help lull them into deep slumber more easily than other products would provide. So plush materials might make sense as an investment with a long-term payoff.

List of Top 5 Best Baby Swings on Budget

Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing

best economical portable baby swing
  • Plug and swing
  • 5-speed swing
  • Battery mode
  • Quite and automatic
  • Foldable and mobile
  • Plays soothing sounds
  • It doesn’t vibrate
  • It doesn’t have recline option

Want to keep your baby happy while exploring the great outdoors? Try Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing. Modern style and powerful features will make it a breeze for the baby to stay entertaining.

You know that having a safe, comfortable place for the little one is important. This portable swing offers important features that parents need to ensure their child will be happy and healthy.

Forget complicated installation and bulky machinery with this fold-able, lightweight design that’s small enough to take anywhere. This compact foldaway swing is easy and convenient to use anywhere, anytime: from home or grandma’s house to on the go or out in nature.

Rock your baby gently to sleep with its rhythmic movements. Its unique design allows you to switch between AC adapter and batteries so that it can be used at home or elsewhere no matter what type of outlet you have access to.

This quiet automatic swing will calm your kid down in seconds flat without waking up everybody else. It offers enough entertainment to wash away any boredom long before it gets out of hand.

Don’t Ignore

You will not get the vibration option with this swing. Moreover, inclining of its seat to provide some depth is not available. Overall, it’s a wonderful and budget-friendly gadget.

Technical Information

Maximum weight recommendation20 Pounds
Product weight7.09 Pounds
Product Dimension‎‎22 x 23.5 x 23 inches

Bright Starts Portable Swing: Fit for Small Spaces

low cost baby swing for smart spaces
  • Automatic motion sensor
  • Two recline positions
  • Two take away toys
  • Nice and handy
  • The speed adjuster knob sounds very loud
  • Not fit for heavy kids

Looking for a baby swing that’s easy to take with you on the go? Bright Starts Whimsical is the perfect swing for traveling parents. It folds up into a compact size and has an automatic motion sensor that makes it easy to use.

Babies can tug and twist their soothing taggies, or play with two take-away toys. You’ll never have to worry about your little one getting bored while they’re swinging in this fun toy.

it’s the perfect accessory for traveling moms. This small-sized baby swing is important because it’s easily packable and space-saving.

There are two recline positions, which allow your little one to relax and release their dozes of energy at any time without worry or hassle.

The soft fabric Taggies that dangle from the leafy canopy above have been designed specifically to keep babes calm and engaged so you can even leave them alone to get some much-needed adult time in peace.

Let your child nap in a cozy environment while also feeling secure enough to explore new beginnings right at home.

Don’t Ignore

If your kid weighs above average then this swing isn’t for you. Some customers complain that Its knob to change the speed is noisy which can make the baby uncomfortable.

Technical Informations

Maximum weight recommendation20 Pounds
Product weight4.08 Pounds
Product Dimension‎28.5 x 22.5 x 23 inches

Fisher-Price Take Along Swing & Seat

best budget baby swing
  • Two in one: swing + infant seat
  • SmartSwing Technology: 6 speed
  • Optional calming vibrations
  • 2 soft toys for little baby
  • 10 entertaining sounds
  • If swings only front back
  • Not suitable for big kids

Looking for a swing and an infant seat? The Fisher-Price Deluxe swing is the perfect solution. It includes both a soothing swing and stationary infant seat, so you can keep your baby close to you at all times.

With 6 different speeds, SmartSwing Technology, optional calming vibrations, and two soft toys it makes a lot of entertainment for the baby. This is one of the most versatile products on t6he market.

Fisher Price Deluxe swing will provide with a swing and an infant seat your baby the comfort and entertainment s(he) needs, all at the touch of a button.

From soothing sounds to calming vibrations, this unique product has it all to keep your fussiest little one content. Soft fabrics have been used for optimum relaxation.

This multi-function device will make life easier for parents. Keep babies happy while they grow up in their own space or take them around with you when they need some extra comfort.

2 in 1 design means no more worrying about where to put your child down when they’re not swinging or playing on their own. 6 different speeds allow parents to choose how fast or slow they want the swings going. Two cuddly animal pals are included so the baby never gets bored.

Don’t Ignore

If you want a swing that moves left-right then this product isn’t for you. Moreover, it doesn’t suitable for big kids.

Technical Information

Maximum weight recommendation25 Pounds
Product weight9 Pounds
Product Dimension‎‎19.84 x 25.39 x 25.04 inches

Graco Simple Sway Swing

best economical baby swing
  • Gentle and soothing motion
  • 6 speeds options to swing
  • 3 toys for baby
  • 2-speed vibration
  • Small frame
  • It doesn’t have head support

The Graco Simple Sway Swing soothes the baby with 6 different swing speeds, from gentle to wild. Once you find the perfect one for your little one, s(he)’ll stay cozy and content. The deep plush seat helps keep them cozy while they enjoy their gentle side-to-side swaying motion which will help soothe any cranky babies.

This small frame design fits easily in any room of your home, making it easy to move from room to room as needed. With its many features that are specifically tailored for babies.

The Graco Simple Sway Swing is the perfect solution for parents who want to soothe their baby with a gentle, side-to-side motion. With adjustable settings, it can be customized to your baby’s preferences. 

It can also be plugged in or battery-operated. Just plug it in or let it run on batteries and enjoy its soothing features that will keep your little one calm throughout the day.

You won’t have to worry about an unhappy baby when s(he) is in their swing. It’ll give a safe and comfortable place for the baby to play with toys. Your little one will love spending time swinging away from troubles and drift into sleep.

Don’t Ignore

This swing doesn’t have head support for the baby, you’ll have to use a head inserter to provide a comfortable place for the baby.

Technical Information

Maximum weight recommendation30 Pounds
Product weight13.55 Pounds
Product Dimension‎30 x 31 x 38 inches

Ingenuity Comfort Portable Swing

best low price baby swing
  • Help baby getting a cozy nap
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Swing speed control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold
  • Volume control has limited options
  • No batteries in the box

Tired of your baby waking up every hour? The Ingenuity Comfort Portable Swing is the perfect solution for parents who want to get some sleep. You can finally get some rest knowing your infant will be safe and sound in a little cocoon, swinging away while s(he) dreams about their next meal. 

When the baby wakes up, all you have to do is gently rock him/her back into slumberland. No more sleepless nights or crying babies.

It’s lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it anywhere with you. With an automatic mechanism, you can enjoy some peace and quiet while your child enjoys the oscillation.

Let your baby enjoy a comfortable ride in this playpen as s(he) can soothe her/his little minds with gentle swings. Its unique design makes it even more convenient to transport from room to room without having any trouble.

It’s an automatic swing that can be powered by batteries or AC Adapter. Keeps your infant entertained with constant movement and soothing sound effects that will continue long past the newborn stage.

Don’t Ignore

It doesn’t have batteries in the box. Its music player has volume control which gives the option medium to loud but not quite. Overall it’s the best swing available at a cheap price.

Technical Information

Maximum weight recommendation20 Pounds
Product weight4.11 Pounds
Product Dimension‎28.5 x 22.5 x 23 inches


When it comes to baby gear, you want the best for your child. Sometimes this means spending a little more and sometimes not so much but what’s important is that it be safe and reliable for when your precious one needs to sleep or just take some time out of their active day with mommy or daddy. 

We all know that babies grow fast and parenting is becoming expensive. That’s why We’ve put together five great swings on a budget (under $100) which we think are both stylish in any home setting as well as having less burden on parents’ pockets.

With these suggestions, you’ll be able to get something both safe and affordable for your child while also looking stylish in any home setting.