How to Get Your Baby to Love the Stroller?

How to get baby to like stroller

Parenting is hard, but there are ways to make it easier. Life can be more enjoyable when you have the right tools for your little ones. We’ll discuss some of the reasons why a baby might not like being in a stroller, what kinds of things parents should do with their children, and tips on how to get toddlers back into the stroller seat.

One of the most important things to a parent is that their child is happy. One way to make your baby happy with a stroller is by using the right seat – one that can recline and has plenty of legroom for them. It’s also important to find a stroller that works well for you, which means it should be lightweight and easy to maneuver through crowded areas. Below, we’re going to talk about 10 tips on how parents can get their babies excited about being in a stroller.

9 Tips on Making Your Baby Happy with Stroller

1.Safety Measures

The first thing parents should do is to make sure their baby’s stroller has all of the proper safety features. Baby seats and other products need to be certified by organizations like JPMA for a reason, so don’t just buy anything that looks nice or fits into your budget. You want something that you can trust with little ones around.


Parents need to make sure their baby is comfortable in the stroller. This means adjusting the straps and making sure there’s enough room for them to move around. If it feels too tight or restrictive, babies are less likely to want to stay in them for very long.

3.Smooth Maneuverability

Find a stroller that you’re easy on pushing. This may seem like a silly suggestion, but if you’re not comfortable using the stroller, it’s going to be hard to convince your baby that it’s a fun place to be. Test out different models and see what feels best for you before making your purchase.


Take your baby on walks! Even if they’re too young to be in a stroller, get them used to the sights and sounds of the world around them. This will help make future trips more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Bring along some toys or snacks that your baby enjoys. This can keep them entertained while you’re out and about and prevent boredom from setting in.

6.Change the Sight

Sixth, go somewhere interesting! If you’re always going to the same places, your baby is going to get bored quickly. Try mixing things up and heading to new destinations. This will add excitement and keep them guessing as to what’s coming next.

7.Cozy Rides

Take advantage of nap time. If your baby usually takes a nap in the stroller, don’t just put it in a corner when you get home. Set up a little play area for them with toys and pillows so they can have fun while resting at the same time.

8.Interact with Baby

Talk to your baby! Make their experiences interactive by pointing out things on the street or in other shops along the way. There are so many things for kids to learn and enjoy, but sometimes we forget they’re looking around too.

9.Don’t Force your Baby

Finally, don’t force your baby into the stroller if they want to stay out of it. It’s better to go with their flow than try and fight them on this one. They might just need some time to adjust before hopping in for a ride!

What To Do For A First Time Rider

Babies rarely deny the stroller and start crying after their first ride. An excited parent might find this very embarrassing after buying a new stroller.

Parents like you shouldn’t worry. Resisting change is a natural human reaction. When your baby doesn’t like the stroller, this is a sign that s(he) isn’t yet ready to go from your lap to the stroller.

The chances are high that the baby will reject the stroller if you use a baby carrier or sling for the first three months of carrying the baby. The child likes to be held. Here are some ways to keep your baby happy while in the stroller.

Get Baby Ready for Ride

It’s better to teach the baby for the ride at home before going out with a crying baby. You may try this when the baby is in a happy mood. Put the baby in the stroller and roll on. Try to divert the attention of the baby by talking or playing carton on tv so that the baby can feel the stroller ride. 

Little practice of a few days will give fruitful results and you’ll see the baby enjoying the ride.

Try Some Toys

Get ready for the ride after training. Now keep the baby’s favorite toys with you and use them to keep her/him busy inside. 

Toys will help to distract the baby’s attention. Give some entertainment and roll on the stroller. The baby is busy with the toys and the rhythm of the stroller pace will help the baby to relax.

Go Out During Baby Nap Timing

 If your baby cries in the stroller try to go out for a walk when the baby is napping. As the baby can stay calmly inside the stroller and you’ll face less resistance. After some days the baby will start loving the rides.

Try Some Accessories

Infants also create trouble with car seats. There may be some itching straps or something else which is disturbing the baby. You can try an infant inserter before putting the baby in the car seat for soothing and make him/her familiar with the stroller when you are using a car seat with the stroller.

You can use a seat liner for a toddler or a first-time rider who can sit inside the stroller. The seat liner provides an extra layer for the baby to comfortably sit. Irritating stuff on the stroller seat will no more disturb the baby.

Don’t Go Out When Baby Is Hungry

Make sure that your baby is not hungry before going out for a walk. Feed her/him and then start playing. When you feel the baby’s mood is refreshing then start the ride.

Make Checklist

Make a checklist before going out with the baby. The following points will help you to draw an effective checklist;

  • Comfortable clothing according to weather.
  • Avoid harsh timing in summer and winters.
  • Adjust the seat to a comfortable position.
  • Make sure harness straps aren’t too tight for the baby.

What To Do If Baby Suddenly Starts To Hate Stroller?

Babies sometimes start to resent strollers and dislike rides. Putting your baby in a stroller can be stressful if your baby reacts harshly. Observe your baby in both scenarios. Analyze what’s disturbing the baby now and what made her/him happy in the past.

A baby may have a dislike for the stroller due to one or more factors. Below are some common reasons.


Reflux might be a reason for the baby’s disliking of the stroller. Babies with reflux react harshly to everything because the baby is not comfortable due to her/his disturbing burps. First, solve this problem.

What to do?

  • Hold the baby in an upright position at least for 30 minutes after feeding.
  • Don’t fill the little tummy full. Feed her/him with a schedule of little intervals so that the baby can get some time for digestion.
  • Observe your baby during the feed, give a space to burp when the baby is coping with reflux.
  • Seattle Childrens provided a complete guideline to handle a baby with reflux. Follow these instructions.


Teething is painful and if your child is going through this process then it might be a cause that tends the baby to hate the stroller. Swollen gums irritate babies and they act very annoyingly with their first tooth. However, later on, babies become familiar with this pain and learn to bear it.

In this case, you should stop using the stroller for some days and wait for the baby to get familiar with the teething process.

Uncomfortable Clothing

It’s important that you should use comfortable clothing according to the environment. Use lighter apparel during summer. Use a stroller blanket and other essential dress like a jacket, gloves, socks, the warm cap for winters to fully protect the baby from cold. Babies don’t like too much clothing but you’ve to dress them fully for chilly days.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions may also affect the baby’s mood. Avoid going out during severe heat in summer and severe cold in winter. Take care of all essentials according to the weather. Choose the pleasant timing to go out with the baby so that baby can enjoy the little walk.

Your Stroller

The stroller itself may be a mood-changing factor for the baby. Your stroller may not be comfortable for the baby. Something is disturbing the baby like the seat, harness, or the bumpy ride.

Harness straps sometimes get too tight and make the baby uncomfortable. Adjust the straps so firmly to give a cozy ride. Moreover, seat inclining also needs your attention. Don’t incline it too down and also avoid fixing it too straight. Observe the comfort level of your baby and adjust it at that position.

Check your stroller’s seat padding. Is it cushioned enough for comfortable seating? You can use a seat liner to provide an extra comfort layer to sit. Also, play with the front-facing and parent-facing seating variations and stick with the variation that makes the baby happy. 

Also, check the ride. It shouldn’t be too bumpy. Little jerks during a ride disturb the baby a lot. If you have a simple stroller then you can try a stroller with the suspension to avoid shocks. If your stroller has suspension then fix it to work properly.


Your stroller rolling pace may also be a reason that is making the baby unhappy. First, check your baby’s mood for both high and slow speed. Maybe you are pushing very fast and it makes her/him uncomfortable then slow down the speed. 

If the baby is not happy with the slow movement then try a fast speed. If it works then get a good jogging stroller that is capable of rolling at a high pace. Joggers perform very well at bumps and uneven pathways.

Lets Conclude

Hopefully, these tips will help make both you and your baby happy with the stroller. Just remember to take things slow, be patient, and have fun! Babies change so quickly that what works one day might not work the next, so just go with the flow and adapt as needed.

Hope that this article has helped you in making your baby like the stroller and converting her/his hate into love. If you’ve queries or suggestions just ask me below in the comment.

Happy Strolling!


Q: Why does my baby hate the stroller?

A: There could be several reasons for this, but most likely it’s because they’re not comfortable or feel too restricted. Try adjusting the straps and making sure there’s enough room for them to move around. If it still doesn’t work, try a different model.

Q: How do I get my toddler to stay in his stroller?

A: Toddlers can be a little harder to keep in the stroller, but often it’s because they’re bored. Bring along some toys or snacks that they enjoy and make sure to take them on interesting outings. If necessary, bribe them with treats or stickers!


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