How To Keep baby cool in stroller – Tips For Summer Days

keeping baby cool in stroller

Going out with the baby is a refreshing activity and little kids like it. Active parents regularly take out their kids for strolling. Walking with kids helps in the growth and mental development of babies. Summer days require some extra care from parents to protect their babies from the impact of hot weather.

Younger babies have sensitive bodies and severe hot or cold is harmful to them. Then what to do during hot weather? Obviously, you can’t stop strolling with the baby. Small tips below will help you to keep the baby coon in a stroller and you can go out with the baby with peace of mind.

Tip Before Going Out

Your task starts from home. These small tips will complete your half job.

Avoid Dehydration

Little babies can’t tell about their requirements. It’s the parent’s duty to take care of their little needs. Giving water to infants under six months is not recommended. Theirs breastfeed or bottle-feed is enough to keep them hydrated. Healthline has guided about the hydration needs of infants, 6 to 12 months old babies and older than 12 months. 

Avoid Scorching Timings

10 am to 3 pm time frame has the peak hot hours. Strictly avoid strolling with a baby during these hours. Schedule your walking early in the morning or late in the evening. As these are the cool hours and the baby will remain comfortable in the stroller.

Baby Bath

Giving a bath to the baby will help to lower the body temperature and the baby will remain cool during the walk.

You can use a wet towel for the baby if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a baby bath. Just apply the wet towel over the whole body and then dress the baby.

Comfortable Dressing

Dress your baby in comfortable summer clothing. Lighter stuff is best suitable that helps to pass through the air to keep the baby cool. A baby hat and glasses can also be used

Sippy Cup

Keep a sippy cup in the stroller for the baby. The infant doesn’t need it. For older babies, you can check the following recommendations.

What To Care When Out

Protect Baby From Sun

Protect baby from direct sunlight. It can cause sunburn and other complications. You can use good sunscreen for the baby. Moreover, below given two more tips will help you in protecting your baby from the sun.

Proper Sun Shade

If your stroller has a big canopy then you already have enough sunshade. But for a stroller with a smaller top, you’ll need extra sun protection for the baby. It’s important to keep the baby safe from direct sunlight. Moreover, a good shade will also help you to protect your baby from the sun.

Stroll In Shady Area

This’s a great way to save a baby from the sun that you should roll on the stroller over shady pathways. It’s also effective if you don’t have a bigger stroller canopy or extra shade.

Keep Watch On Baby

Keep a watch on the baby, observe the mood and behavior of the baby. Check the baby’s temperature by placing your hand behind the neck. If the baby’s cheeks are getting red then it’s a strong sign that s(he) is facing high temperature.

Maintain Airflow

The baby inside the stroller should have proper airflow. Don’t close the front area of the stroller seat and keep the airways open. You can also use a stroller fan for this purpose.


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