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The baby stroller is the first big toy of your kid. Are you planning to buy a stroller for your first baby? Then a convertible stroller may be the best option for you. This class of stroller gives an optional seat for your next baby as well. These are easily convertible from single to double strollers upon your need. 

Unlike side by side double strollers, these modular strollers cover less space and are easy to move. You can use it for babies of different ages. For example, a good modular stroller will give the best utility for a toddler with its regular seat, and for a newborn its infant capsule or a bassinet. Infant transporting capability of these strollers makes them travel system. You can easily separate the extra seat when the toddler retires from the stroller. Use it as a single stroller by unloading the extra weight. It’s a good deal to save your hard-earned money and time. 

Modern convertible stroller brands provide multiple comfortable seat arrangements for little passengers. These strollers allow you to attach a bassinet, a car seat, and a board to make them sit and stand strollers. They also provide storage spaces like cup holders and snack trays etc.

However, the other side of the picture is that these strollers are comparatively heavier than usual single strollers for their design’s obvious reason as they’ve to carry more than one kid when needed. This stroller class usually has a longer size that may create problems in handling the stroller on busy pathways.


Exclusive List Of Single To Double Convertible Strollers

You can select the best modular strollers from the following list of carefully selected brands.


UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

Vista V2, the versatile convertible stroller made by Uppababy. A suitable baby stroller for a growing family. For a newborn, it provides a bassinet. You can directly attach an Uppababy MESA infant car seat for converting it into a travel system. It comes with spring action all-wheel suspension and slightly softer tires. Suspension and tires combined provide an easy push soft ride on any ground surface.

You can replace the bassinet with a toddler seat when the baby is old enough to fit in that seat. Two more add-on options as per requirement allow you to attach Rumble Seat or PiggyBack Ride Along to make it a sit-stand stroller. Its toddler seat is usable for a longer time. It comes with an extended canopy, higher back, and deeper footrest. These features provide comfort for growing kids.

Its harness system is a straightforward operating mechanism with its sliding shoulders adjustment, which provides a desirable fit for growing babies. Vista V2 box includes a bassinet and full-size toddler seat with a multi-position recline. Moreover, the bassinet and toddler seat is easy to fit in and pull out. The basket provides huge storage space to keep various things inside, making it a grocery store friendly stroller.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight 27 pounds
Product Dimensions 36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches
Rear-facing minimum child weight 10 Pounds
Rear-facing maximum child weight 50 Pounds
Forward-facing minimum child weight 10 Pounds
Forward-facing maximum child weight 50 Pounds


Don’t Neglect 

As it’s a modular stroller of top quality, so it becomes an expensive stroller. Its structure makes folding/unfolding a bit tricky. When folded, it requires a little more space in your trunk. However, most parents prefer it for its plentiful benefits. It’s the best convertible stroller that offers great value for your money.


Baby Jogger City Select LUX

Next-generation of City Select, Baby Jogger City Select LUX is a feature-full stroller that offers a variety of options. This stroller allows the car seat through an adapter, this option makes it travel system ready. At a time three kids can ride on this stroller. The third kid can stand on its glider board(sold separately). So it also offers a sit-stand stroller along with a single to double convertible option.

One amazing thing about this stroller is that you can use it in 20 different seat arrangements. That’s an awesome package, and you can have different seating every day. Or you can also stay on a seat structure where the little kids feel happy. Lux provides ample storage space with a huge storage basket and back seat pocket. So the shopping mall tours and grocery shopping become easy for parents.

Its extended UV-50 plus canopy provides a complete sunshade for your baby. Ultraviolet ray’s protective shield gives the added safety for the child inside the stroller. The hand brake feature is much helpful for decelerating the stroller while going downhill. For such a stroller, a hand brake gives extra safety and helps to get a secure ride. If you’re living in a hilly area, then this stroller will be the best option for your little kids.

Telescoping handles are a great feature for parents of different heights. If you are a mother of average height and your husband is taller, you both can adjust its handles according to your height. This type of handle adjustment gives more ease to control the stroller as you’ll get enough kick room to push the stroller without bending the back.

Its easy maneuverability helps you to move around with comfort. Its rubber wheels help the stroller to move on any surface easily. The front swivel wheel adds extra ease of moving the stroller over pavements. The swivel lock option gives better control over the stroller to get a straight and focus ride. 

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight 35.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 30.31 x 21.7 x 10.24 inches
Maximum weight recommendation 45 Pounds


Don’t Neglect

As City Select LUX offers various variations for its configuration, such features make it a heavy stroller. Its hand brake placement is tricky for some parents. Moreover, this stroller does not include any accessories. You’ve to buy car seat adapter and second seat attachment separately. But many parents prefer this stroller for its variety of features and durability.


Graco Modes 2 Grow

A budget-friendly and versatile convertible stroller, Graco Modes 2 Grow offers four strollers in one, an infant car seat carrier, a bassinet, a toddler stroller, and finally a single to double stroller.

  • You can easily create a travel system by clicking a Graco Infant car seat(not included) directly into the frame.
  • Its reclining seat converts into a comfortable infant bassinet with front or rear-facing attachment.
  • Toddler seat adjustment allows a comfortable ride for your growing child, which is adjustable in rear and front-facing structure.
  • Attach the second seat through a built-in adapter and convert it from a single to a double stroller.


Graco Modes 2 Grow adapts different shapes to accommodate your strolling needs. You can use it in six different variations for one or two kids. One-step attachment allows any Graco car seat to fit in easily. Its parent tray, which can be closed, is useful for keeping your keys, cell phone, and wallet safely inside the compartment. This tray also includes a removable cup holder.

This versatile stroller grows with your child. It begins its journey as a stroller for newborns by attaching the Graco Car Seat, which snaps right on the top of the stroller so that the baby is almost at eye level with you. If you don’t want to attach a car seat, recline the stroller’s seat to convert it into a bassinet. When the child becomes able to sit on his/her own, the stroller grows, and you can safely belt your child into an upright position. 

When you have a second baby, the single stroller will then grow into a double stroller. You can attach a toddler seat with a built-in adapter without any pain. It’s a compact stroller even when you use it as a double stroller. This stroller takes up less space as compared to the other strollers on the list.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight 38.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 42.88 x 26.75 x 43 inches
Maximum weight recommendation 50 Pounds

Don’t Neglect

Although Graco Modes 2 Grow comes with a big basket that provides a huge space, this space is huge if you use it as a single stroller. While using it as double, you would’ve to compromise the basket space. However, you can hang some extra bags like baby diapers with the handle. Moreover, its compact, handy, and affordable features will give the best value for your money.


Evenflo Pivot Xpand

Evenflo Pivot Xpand, a convertible stroller that provides a very smooth and comfortable ride for the baby. This stroller is an affordable version of high-end costly strollers. If you have more than one child, then Pivot Xpand is a highly recommended option for you. It is a complete travel system. This stroller’s most awesome feature is its easy transformation from single to double and remains lightweight even when it is double. It has a unique slide and lock system which enables it to accommodate a second toddler seat or an infant capsule.

Its storage basket gives much comfort for your grocery shopping and for placing other things. Its toddler seat is straightforward to clip in and allows multiple arrangements. Its brakes are very easy to apply, and the adjustable handlebar allows you to adjust it according to your height. You can make it a sit-stand stroller with its rider board(sold separately).

Item Weight 42.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 34 x 26.5 x 41.5 inches
Maximum weight recommendation 35 pounds
Maximum height recommendation 38 Inches (96 CM)


Don’t Neglect

This stroller comes without any zipper and parent tray etc. Some parents complain that it has a latch issue, which creates difficulty attaching/detaching its car seat and toddler seat. It needs to be folded very carefully as it could pinch your fingers. 

However, it’s a lightweight and compact stroller and easily fits in your car trunk when folded. Many parents have positive arguments for this stroller and are liking this stroller.

Let’s Conclude

So this was the entire list of best single to double convertible strollers. You can select any of them based on your budget and preferred features. All the strollers in the list above allow car seat to fit in. While the Evenflo Pivot Xpand is a complete travel system and will give you a car seat in the box. If you want a convertible stroller with a bassinet then Uppababy Vista V2 is the best choice. Hope that this article has helped you in finding the best match to your need. If you still have any query then just paste that below in the comment section.

Happy Strolling!