A jogging stroller with car seat

Are you looking for an all-in-one stroller that can make your life easy by offering versatility and flexible usage? Active parents make smart choices and prefer to buy a complete jogging stroller travel system, which provides a car seat in the box. A jogging stroller with car seat is a wonderful gadget that offers the luxury to be usable for infants under six months.

A jogging travel system is a fully loaded baby carrier that has multiple hats. If you want to go out with a newborn, the stroller will become an infant transporter after attaching its car seat. Make it a regular stroller with its seat to offer comfort for routine walking and grocery store tours. Above all these, when you want to jog, it will wear a jogger’s hat to help you in a workout. To know more about jogging strollers, check this exclusive jogging stroller buying guide.

A lot of jogging travel systems are available on the market with various specs and options. You need only one of them that is the best fit for your lifestyle. This article will help you in finding one best fit. The primary purpose of buying a jogging stroller for a newborn is to have a single stroller that can fill all the strolling needs of a baby throughout his(her) strolling life. Below you’ll get the right direction towards your right jogging travel system.

What To Look In

Before buying a jogging travel system, some key features are essential to look at in the stroller. Following, I’ve explained three main components that are essential for a best product.

Complete Travel System

People often buy travel-system ready stroller. That is a good deal to save money. But, sometimes it becomes a hectic job to find the stroller’s right compatible infant capsule. A complete travel system is the only solution to this problem as it comes with the original car seat. 

The manufacturer made the stroller and car seat accordingly and compatible with each other. So the money spent once on the right product saves you from spending again and again.

Bigger Wheels

Strollers with smaller wheels are not for jogging. Jogging strollers have to bear the weight and motion of running, and they need bigger wheels. Bigger wheels are essential for providing a stable and balanced ride. Small-sized wheels cannot cope with the jogging routine and will wear out very soon. So it’s a critical feature to look at in the stroller.

Front Swivel Lock

The swivel wheel helps in routine walking, and when you want to jog, the swivel lock option allows you to lock the front wheel in a straight position to get better control over the stroller during the jog. Modern jogging travel systems come with a swivel lock option.


Keep Remember

If you want to jog with the stroller, you must acknowledge the recommended baby age to jog with the stroller. The minimum age for a baby to go jogging in the stroller is six months. If you jog with a baby of age less than six months, it can harm the baby’s spine. However, you can use these strollers for regular strolling with babies of age less than six months.


List Of Best Jogging Strollers With Car Seat

Now starts our list of best jogging travel systems available on the market. You’ll get the best-selected products below.


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

Top of our list, a stroller with attractive options and gives a complete kit in one box. Revolution Flex 3.0 makes you stress-free in just a single purchase. It provides a great luxury by offering its multiple uses. Usable from birth until the baby outgrows the stroller. Quality stroller with a sturdy frame and comfortable seat glides on the road without any effort.

It has the seat-inclining option for the toddler to take little sleep. Bigger wheels with active suspension make their rolling smooth. It allows you to jog with it by just locking the front wheel.

Complete Package

Revolution Flex 3.0 gives a complete package in one purchase. You’ll get in the box;

  • A regular stroller,
  • B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat,
  • Car seat base, and
  • An adapter

It gives you the luxury to be used from birth to all over the little kid’s toddler stages.

Car Seat Safety

The infant Car seat has additional safety features for the baby. It has side impact protection, a crumple zone, and a sturdy frame to keep the baby safe. Moreover, an impact-absorbing base of the car seat gives added security for the baby. Crumple zone helps for extra protection in case of collision. The crumple zone’s primary purpose is to dissolve the force created due to collision to keep the baby secure from the crash’s impact.

Moreover, the Center latch gives the ease of attaching the car seat. The built-in lock provides additional security for the car seat.

Extra Large UPF 50+ Canopy

This stroller has a beautiful canopy. An extra-large canopy with ultraviolet rays protection covers the baby to provide ultimate sun protection. A sturdy sunshade has a magnetic peek-a-boo window to keep watch on the baby. It also has sufficient ventilation space for giving babies better airflow in the seat.

Extra Space

An extra-large cargo basket has adequate space for storing various items. Six storage pockets give space to keep more things. Two pockets inside the seat for the little kid to keep a water bottle or any other item that can fit inside. A pocket right behind the canopy to hold a cell phone, wallet, or keys. Two pockets behind the stroller seat for water bottles and one zipped pocket for diapers or any other small thing.

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar allows adjustment to the desired position with its pivoting adjustment. You can adjust it to any given position by pressing two buttons on the sides of the handlebar. Moreover, a tether strap is also provided with the handlebar for added security.

 Suspension System

A stable and balanced drive is essential to have a smooth, soft ride. This stroller has a responsive suspension system that works very well on bumps and uneven roads. It gives a smooth rolling. The suspension provides complete comfort to the baby and absorbs shocks very well.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires operate a mechanical work with the suspension to give a very comfortable ride. Rubber tires with their air pressure roll very smoothly on rough roads as well.

Swivel Wheel With Lock

Front-wheel is 360° moveable for easy rolling on routine walks. When you want to jog with the stroller, press the button on the front wheel to fix the wheel in a straight position to get better maneuverability. 

Easy Fold

Folding this stroller is easy. With the option of removable wheels, you can get more compact folding for storing in the car trunk.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight 28.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 46 x 25 x 45 inches
Maximum weight recommendation 35 Pounds


Don’t Neglect

Being a complete travel system along with a full-fledged jogging stroller, Flex 3.0 becomes a bulky stroller. Folding Flex3.0 is easy, but it doesn’t fold down compact. It has a large fold that requires adequate space for placing the folded stroller. Overall, it’s one of the best deals which provides a sturdy product.


Alternative To Revolution Flex3.0

Britax B-Free Sport

Britax B-Free Sport is the best alternative to Flex3.0 at a lower price. It is a great jogging stroller with the car seat that offers almost all the specs and features that Flex 3.0 gives.


Graco Relay Jogging Stroller Travel System

Graco’s Relay is the ultimate jogging stroller with the car seat that gives you all essentials in one stroller. It has a UV 50 Canopy for the child’s protection in the seat. A very easily movable stroller fulfills your every requirement from little walks to running. 

Graco Relay gives you great value for your money with its durability and comfort. A sturdy stroller with SnugRide Car Seat, storage basket underneath, parent console, and excellent suspension with bigger wheels gives a perfect ride.

Complete Package

Graco Relay has a car seat in the box. No need to find any compatible infant car seat. Being a complete travel system it gives the infant capsule inside the box. The box includes Graco’s top-rated Snugride Click Connect 35 infant car seat. It’s a rear-facing car seat with the quality of Graco. Snugride capsule is lightweight and very easy to move here and there. It’s attachable to the stroller with a secure, one-step attachment.

Performance grade tech fabrics

Stroller’s cloth part is made of performance grade tech fabrics. Performance fabric is easy to clean and has a sustainable quality. So for a baby stroller, it’s a fantastic option to clean the stroller’s fabric easily.

Deluxe Parent Storage

This wonderful stroller has a deluxe parent storage console which includes a cup holder, zipper compartment, and a phone pocket. So make your strolling easy with its console by holding small items.

Premium Suspension

This stroller comes with a premium suspension system to provide a smooth and soft ride. The suspension has a very responsive shock-absorbing design, and it is very effective on any road. 

Pneumatic Tires

Along with the suspension, pneumatic tires play a vital role to make the ride comfortable. Bigger wheels allow moving this stroller very quickly. So a complete mechanism from suspension to wheels runs to give stable maneuverability.

locking front-swivel wheel

To convert this travel system into a jogging stroller, you will need to lock the swivel wheel in a straight direction. After locking, go on jogging and enjoy the remarkable pace and movability of this stroller.

1-Second, 1-Hand Fold

One second and one-hand fold is a really fantastic option for this stroller. You can easily fold and go with this stroller effortlessly.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight 49.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 34.8 x 25.5 x 20 inches
Maximum weight recommendation 35 Pounds


Don’t Neglect

Graco Relay offers great specs. However, it doesn’t have the handlebar adjustment. Its basket is not so big. As it’s a stroller with suspension and bigger wheels, you can’t expect it to be a lightweight stroller.


Evenflo Folio3 Stroll & Jog 

Folio-3 is a versatile stroller with flexible functionality that offers the luxury to use it for multi-purpose needs. Folio3 is specifically designed for active parents to save their time and money. Folio-3 offers great value for the money with its durability and sturdiness. Being lightweight and compact, it is very easily maneuverable.

It comes with a basket underneath, which provides sufficient storage space. The canopy provides full coverage and has a bow window also. Parent and child consoles give added comfort to keep small items.

Versatile Baby Stroller

Folio-3 is a versatile stroller that adopts the desired baby carrier shape according to your need. Do you want to stroll with a newborn? Just fit in its infant car seat and go with your baby. If a toddler wants to ride the stroller, it will serve as a regular stroller. When you want to jog with this stroller, lock the front wheel and start jogging. You can enjoy its versatility from little walks to jogging.

Crossover Baby Stroller

Evenflo named it crossover baby stroller, which offers many facilities from short outings to long jogging journeys. Folio-3 is the beautiful jogging travel system that comes with the car seat in the box. 

LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat

The great thing is Folio-3 comes with the LiteMax 35 Infant Car seat. LiteMax 35 is a comfortable capsule that has an ergonomic carry handle. Moreover, its seat has soft and temperature regulating cushioning for extra comfort.

Adjustable Handlebar

Another luxury Folio-3 offers, its handlebar adjustment. It has the handlebar’s pivoting adjustment, allowing you to adjust the handlebar position according to your comfort level.

Multi-Position Seat Recline

When the little kid wants to nap, give the baby a comfortable nap by inclining its seat. The seat has a multi-position recline so you can adjust it at any recline position according to the little kid’s comfort. 

Compact Fold

It offers comfort in folding. It has a compact self-standing fold. Its folding mechanism is not so complicated as compared to other strollers in this list. For folding, you will need to pull the in-seat fold release to fold it down. Compact fold gives the convenience to store it easily in the trunk.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight 31.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 38 x 24.5 x 46 inches
Maximum weight recommendation 35 Pounds


Don’t Neglect

Folio-3 doesn’t have suspension. That is for a reason to make it lightweight and compact. However, its bigger pneumatic tires contribute a lot to provide a comfortable ride.

Alternative To Revolution Flex3.0

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Baby Trend offers a fantastic jogger travel system with the name of Expedition. It has the same specs and features that Folio-3 gives. Excellent stroller at a very economical price.


Let’s Conclude

So this was the list of best available jogging strollers with car seat suitable for infants under six months and running as well. I’ve also provided an alternative brand where an appropriate substitute jogging stroller travel system is available at a lower price. All the strollers suggested in the above list are the best in their respective price range. You can choose any one of them to make your life comfortable.