Cynebaby stroller reviews

A stroller is an essential product for any new parents. It helps to keep your baby close by while you are out and about. Cynebaby strollers offer a wide range of benefits that make them worth the investment, including their durability, safety features, lightweight design and more.

In this article, we will review their top 3 models and give you a detailed review of each. We’ll also talk about why it’s worth investing in Cynebaby if you want a quality product for your newborn baby or toddler.

Exclusive Reviews for Cynebaby Baby Strollers

In this review, we will be looking at three categories of Cynebaby strollers;

  • Infant stroller
  • Regular stroller
  • Tandem stroller

You can pick any stroller that fits your needs. Let’s begin with Cynebaby infant strollers.

Cynebaby Infant Stroller Review

cynebaby newborn baby stroller review

Lightweight, durable and stylish newborn baby stroller by Cynebaby is perfect for parents who want to take their baby on all adventures. The frame of this model has been made out of aircraft-grade aluminum which means it’s sturdy. And when we say ‘lightweight’, imagine being able to push around town without feeling too exhausted after walking kilometers away… not an easy task with a heavy pushchair.

It features rubber wheels for an extra smooth ride over pavement or grass alike. The front two wheels have the Smart Shock absorbing capabilities adding comfort to the ride. Its has glossy golden color which is also named as rose gold but it’s perfectly rose gold colored.

Adaptable & Versatile Stroller

This adaptable and versatile stroller is one of the most popular models out there. It has all the basics you would expect from a baby pushchair plus some nice features that make it stand out.

With its comfortable bassinet mode, it can be used as an infant carrier. Once your baby grows enough to sit upright in the seat and then convert their sleep area into a regular toddler-sized seat at any time during childhood.

It’s also very versatile, you’ll never have trouble finding something that will work well with what type of strolling needs of growing babies from daycare pickups to frequent visits to the grocery store or short walks.

Convertible Push Directions

This stroller offers double push mode with its flexible functionality. For a complete watch on the baby attach the seat in parent-facing mode. When the baby wants adventure, attach the seat in front-facing mode and move on.

Seat Handrail

The bumper bar at the seat gives extra safety for babies. You can remove it by pressing a button. Click it back into place after riding the baby. It’s covered with an easily washable sponge cloth.

Adjustable Handlebar

Its handlebar gives multi-position adjustment. With its pivot adjustment, you can fix it in any desired position where you feel comfortable pushing the stroller.

Five-Point Safety Harness

It comes with a five-point padded safety harness. Soft padding makes it comfortable for babies. The harness is stretchable and you can adjust it according to the size of the baby.

Swiveling Anti-shock Front Wheels

It has a swivel mechanism for front wheels which are 360° free swiveling. This mechanism allows you to freely move the stroller.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Cynebaby used aircraft-grade aluminum for making its frame. So it gives you a lighter stroller which will be your enjoyable strolling companion. Moreover, its frame is rust-free and easy to clean.

Accessories Pack

Cynebaby gives a bonus pack of accessories with this stroller which is a great deal. You’ll get;

  • Two storage bags.
  • Wrist strap.
  • Foot cover.
  • Seat cushion.
  • Snack tray.
  • Cupholder.
  • Mosquito net.

Two small storage bags, one zipper, and a mesh are useful for keeping small things like a wallet, cell phone, and keys. A wrist strap is the best for stroller safety. Foot cover, cupholder, seat cushion, mosquito net, and snack tray for baby add extra comfort to the ride.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight25 pounds
Package Dimensions‎33.5 x 19.3 x 8.7 inches
Maximum weight recommendation33 Pounds

Don’t Ignore

It doesn’t have a bassinet, actually its seat converts into the bassinet. A convertible bassinet is a nice option for saving money. But it doesn’t perform well as compared to an original bassinet that gives the best utility for a newborn. Moreover, it doesn’t allow any car seat to fit in. So, you can’t use the other newborn option with it.

Its storage basket is small and not suitable for grocery tours. It folds down easily but it remains bigger after folding. If you have a smaller car trunk then its storing during travel will be challenging for you.

Cynebaby Compact Pram Stroller

cynebaby stroller reviews

Another baby stroller from Cynebay is compact and has the all-terrain capability. A suitable stroller for newborns and toddlers. You can use it for newborns with its convertible seat by converting it into the bassinet. It becomes a regular stroller for a toddler with its bassinet converting back into the regular seat.

Ergonomic Design

This stroller has an ergonomic design that is innovative and modern. It has a silver frame which gives it a metallic look. The stroller looks nice and elegant.

Nice Material

The fabric parts of this stroller are made of the eco-friendly linen fabric. This type of fabric is nice and durable.

Safe Stroller

This stroller has passed the ASTM F833 safety standard test. A five-point secure harness is provided with this stroller for the complete safety of the baby.

Bigger Rear Wheels

It has 12 inches ax-shaped rear wheels, which are heavy-duty rubber wheels. Rubber wheels won’t wear out soon like plastic wheels. Moreover, this stroller can be moved on smoothly with rubber wheels.

Shock Absorbing Front wheels

The front wheels are 360° moveable. With their spring design stroller becomes capable of rolling easily on little bumps.

Flexible Functionality

Stroller gives flexible functionality and ease of use. You can fix the handlebar at any given position with its pivoting adjustment. Its convertible bassinet can be adjusted in the rear or front-facing. The seat position is also adjustable and you can incline it easily.

Bonus Accessories

Accessories pack will give you;

  • Seat cushions.
  • Warm foot cover.
  • Mosquito net.
  • Cupholder.
  • Wrist strap.
  • Baby food tray.
  • Handrail with reflective trim.
  • Two bags.

All these accessories you’ll get in h box and you’ll not have to buy anything.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight25.8 pounds
Product Dimensions30 x 19 x 42 inches
Maximum weight recommendation50 Pounds

Don’t Ignore

This stroller can be used for newborns but it’s not purely an infant stroller. As it doesn’t provide a bassinet in the box. For using it as a bassinet stroller you will have to convert its seat to a bassinet. Moreover, it doesn’t allow a car seat to fit in.

Moreover, it folds down easily but doesn’t give a compact fold. If you have a smaller car trunk then it can create problems for you.

What People Say About Cynebaby Compact Pram

Customers have diverse opinions about this stroller on Amazon. Let’s start with the one-star ratings.

Customer Reviews With ‘1 & 2 Star’ Rating

Most of the people who gave it one and two stars complained about its wheel wobbling and shaking. Especially its front wheels shake when speeding up the stroller.

Customer Reviews With ‘1 & 2 Star’ Rating

Most of the people who gave it one and two stars complained about its wheel wobbling and shaking. Especially its front wheels shake when speeding up the stroller.

Customer Reviews With ‘1 & 2 Star’ Rating

Most of the people who gave it one and two stars complained about its wheel wobbling and shaking. Especially its front wheels shake when speeding up the stroller.

Customer Reviews With ‘3 Star’ Rating

Some customers argued that this stroller is not fit for tall parents. Few people have issues with its build quality and they are not happy with it.

Customer Reviews With ‘4 Star’ Rating

Some customers who gave four-star ratings are not happy with its bulky fold. Overall, this portion of customers like the stroller and having little issues with its accessories and fabric.

Customer Reviews With ‘5 Star’ Rating

These are happy customers and satisfied with this stroller. Some customers have little issues with this product. A customer argued that it doesn’t allow a car seat and its wheels start wobbling at speedy walks. Another customer is not happy with its bulky and two-handed fold.

What’s Common In All Ratings?

Wheel wobbling is a common complaint which customers make in all ratings. Moreover, many customers are not satisfied with its bulky fold.

Convenience Urban Twin Carriage Stroller

cynebaby stroller 3 in 1

This is a tandem pushchair with sit and stand style offers 3 in 1 stroller. It has two inline seats and is able to carry two babies. Being a double stroller it offers two strollers in the chassis of one. As it’s a tandem stroller and it’s not wide like a side-by-side double stroller so passing through tight spaces will not be an issue for you. This stroller is suitable for children of different ages. 

Front & Back Seat

This stroller comes with two seats. The front seat is spacious and equipped with a five-point harness. The harness allows you to securely ride the baby in the stroller. A nice extendable canopy covers the front seat. The rear seat is not spacious like the front seat. Moreover, it has a three-point harness. Canopy extension covers the rear seat and standing bench.

Sit & Stand

The older kid can stand on the board securely with the support of a belt and side handrails. The baby can also sit in the back seat. 

360° Rotating Front Wheels

Front wheels are 360° rotatable to provide the easy rolling of this stroller. Cynebaby claims it an all-terrain stroller.

Aisles & Doorways Friendly

As this is a compact stroller so you can easily pass through aisles and doorways. You‘ll not face any problem when passing through compact spaces.

Storage Basket

It has a good storage basket which gives ample space for keeping your grocery shopping and other baby items.

Technical Details

The manufacturer provides these details.

Item Weight21.5 pounds
Product Dimensions36.9 x 20.7 x 10.1 inches
Maximum weight recommendationNot given

Don’t Ignore

The rear seat is not a complete seat. It’s just a padded place to sit with a three-point harness. Moreover, it doesn’t allow the car seat to fit in. If you’re searching for a stroller for twin infants then this is not for you.

What People Say About Urban Twin

This stroller doesn’t have too many reviews. However, I’ve given a comprehensive summary below to help you in making the right decision.

Customer Reviews With ‘1 to 4 Star’ Ratings

Some customers have complaints about its difficult mechanism of folding. Few customers argued about the build quality of this stroller and they are not satisfied with its quality. A customer had reviewed that this is not a comfortable stroller, especially the rear seat doesn’t give a comfy place.

Customer Reviews With ‘5 Star’ Ratings

These are happy customers and gave positive reviews about this stroller.

Let’s Conclude

These are the curator reviews for Cynebaby strollers collected from amazon. This article has provided detailed insights into features and reviews of Cynebaby strollers available on Amazon. You can consider any stroller that matches your needs based on the analysis given above. The first two strollers are for infants and toddlers. While the last stroller is a double for two kids of different ages. Please remember that all the Cynebaby strollers included in this article aren’t compatible with any car seat.

That’s all from my side. If you’ve any queries or suggestions, just paste them below in the comment section. 

Happy Strolling!