What You Need to Know About Stroller Wheels

4 wheel vs 3 wheel stroller

Stroller wheels are often overlooked when people buy a baby stroller. They don’t consider wheels as an important feature. It’s a mistake that will cost you in the form of the wrong stroller. 

Parents are often attracted to the modern range of strollers because of the fancy design and attractive look, but they ignore the major part that will carry the stroller’s weight. It is the wheel that helps to roll the stroller.

Stroller wheels are different from tires. You shouldn’t mix up the wheel and the tire since the tire is a part of the wheel.

Do Stroller Wheels Make a Difference?

You might think this is just wheels, and what’s the big deal? Stroller maneuverability is a concern when it comes to wheels. It will be much harder to push your stroller if it doesn’t have sturdy wheels or large enough wheels.

Consider a scenario in which you need a stroller specifically for running. In that case, you cannot use one with smaller wheels. I’ve explained below when bigger wheels are best for you, and when smaller wheels are better.

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller

In general, stroller wheels come in two types;

  • Three-wheel structure
  • Four-wheel structure

Double wheels are sometimes found in small wheel strollers to give a more balanced ride. Since smaller wheels have a shorter diameter, double wheels are required to move the stroller with stability.

3 Wheel Strollers

  • Provide multiple functionalities
  • Best fit for jogging
  • Suitable for any terrain
  • Come with larger wheels
  • Super soft maneuverability
  • Expensive
  • Bulky and heavy

Strollers with three wheels are designed to carry heavy tasks such as jogging. You can use a quality three-wheeler to meet all your strolling needs. Look at the luxuries offered by three-wheelers.

Who Needs a 3 Wheel Stroller?

Having a three-wheeled jogging stroller will suit your needs if you’re an avid jogger and want to go jogging with your baby. Additionally, if you want an all-terrain stroller or a stroller for off-roading, you will need one.


Strollers with three wheels have many advantages. I have outlined the unique features and benefits of these strollers below.


When you have a three wheel stroller that accommodates the car seat, then this can be used as your all-purpose baby carrier from birth. Most often, jogging travel systems combine multiple functionalities and you wouldn’t have to buy another stroller if you have a good jogging travel system.

Best For Workout

Four-wheel strollers aren’t suitable for jogging. A jogging stroller is ideal for running. Runner strollers are built with three wheels and offer the most benefits for exercise.

These strollers are specially designed to carry your child on a jog with safety and comfort. The design and structure of these strollers make them ideal for running. Such luxury is impossible with a stroller with four wheels.

Take Them Anywhere

Strollers with three wheels are sturdy strollers. They are capable of moving over any terrain with ease. In addition to providing exceptional performance over gravel roads, they are ideal for off-roading. With a stroller on three wheels, you can go anywhere.

Unique Feature

Four-wheel strollers lack some of the special features that these strollers offer. These strollers feature a sturdy suspension system, which ensures a comfortable ride for your child. Additionally, some brands provide tether straps and responsive hand brakes.

The exceptional features of these strollers make them robust.

Wheels With Large Diameter

Strollers with three wheels have large diameter wheels. They come in sizes ranging from eight to sixteen inches. With large wheels, the ride becomes more stable and smooth.

Rolls like dream

Strollers with three wheels roll smoothly thanks to suspension and large wheels. Pushing these strollers is easy and fast with one hand, giving parents the best ride possible. The maneuverability of four-wheel strollers cannot compete with this.


You’ve read the benefits of these strollers, but you also have to consider some disadvantages if you decide to go for a three-wheel stroller.


This type of stroller includes strong suspension, hand brakes, and large wheels, so these specifications make it more expensive. A good three-wheel stroller will cost you at least $300.

Bulky & Heavy

Strollers of this type are bulky in size and heavy in weight. A three-wheeler’s wide footprint may also make it difficult to maneuver through tight spaces. Their larger folds can also make it difficult to store them in compact spaces.

Limited Range

This kind of stroller doesn’t come in a wide variety of styles. Typically, you’ll find jogging strollers in this category. There are few options when picking three-wheel strollers, though they’re known as off-road and all-terrain strollers.

4 Wheel Strollers

  • Give variety of different strollers
  • You can select a stroller in budget
  • Best for everyday use
  • Small wheels
  • Don’t provide smooth maneuverability

Strollers with four wheels are the most common type of stroller. Various types and variations of these strollers are readily available to choose from. Check out the specific benefits of four-wheel strollers.

Who Needs a 4 Wheel stroller?

For strolling, routine outings, and walking on sidewalks, you’ll need a four-wheel stroller. According to your needs, you can choose any good standard stroller, travel system, or lightweight stroller.


These strollers have various benefits to provide a joyful strolling partner.


When it comes to four-wheel strollers, we have a long list of fancy doodads. You can find regular strollers, travel systems, lightweight strollers, and umbrella strollers on this list. You can choose from a variety of strollers. Depending on your strolling needs, you can choose any four-wheel stroller.

Competitive Prices

Depending on your budget, you can choose any good four-wheel stroller from $30 to $1000 and more. Strollers in this class fit every budget range. The market offers a wide selection of these strollers by almost every manufacturer.

From Lightweight To Heavyweight

When traveling, you can choose a lightweight stroller. For an infant, you can get a heavier one in the form of a complete travel system.

Best For Routine Use

A three-wheel stroller can also be used for everyday strolling, but you might find it difficult to carry it for a routine outing. Here are four-wheel strollers which are ideal for everyday use. It’s because they’re made for regular use.


Small Wheels

When compared to three-wheel strollers, these strollers have small wheels. Consequently, they provide a hard push and a four-wheel stroller will need some effort to control.

No Premium Features

These models lack premium features such as strong suspensions and hand breaks. While a few stroller brands offer suspension but that cannot compete with the sound suspension of three-wheelers.

Maneuverability isn’t smooth enough

Four-wheel strollers don’t offer super smooth maneuverability as three-wheelers do.

Let’s Sum Up

The stroller wheel structure is important to consider while buying a stroller. 4 wheel strollers are not suitable for extensive uses such as running or off-roading. Jogging with your child requires a stroller with 3 wheels.

While traveling or going for a short walk, a 3 wheel stroller can be a burden. To meet your needs in this situation, a 4 wheel baby carrier is the best option. 

So consider your primary needs for strolling and then decide whether you need a 3 wheel stroller or 4 wheel stroller.


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