A Guide to Stroller Tires

comparison between air filled tire and foam filled tire strollers

It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling a stroller or driving a vehicle, tires play a key role in ensuring a comfortable journey. In this article, we’ll talk about the tires intended for baby strollers and explore their types, advantages, and disadvantages. 

You can easily move the stroller thanks to its tires. Parents often ask about what type of tires are the best when it comes to choosing from foam-filled, air-filled, and plastic tires? Let’s dive into the article to find the answer.

EVA Foam Filled Tires

  • Puncture-proof
  • Maintenance free
  • Best for regular use
  • Comparatively low cost
  • Heavy
  • Weaker road grip
  • Not for gravel pathways

EVA foam-filled tires were introduced to address the problems with pneumatic tires and they proved a better but not the best alternative to air-filled tires. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam is softer than hard plastic tires.

Which Strollers Come with Foam Tires

You’ll find foam tires with the;

  • Standard strollers 
  • Travel systems, and 
  • Lightweight strollers 

Foam tires are the best choice for routine use, sidewalks, short excursions, and everyday strolling.

Who Needs Foam Tires?

Foam tires strollers are the best to use if you need a stroller to meet daily strolling needs. Parents who want strollers for their children to go out and about for a while can purchase EVA foam tire strollers.


Puncture-proof:  Foam tires don’t require air to maintain pressure, so they won’t puncture. Foam tires do not pose any flat tire risks. Having air-filled tires won’t give you that luxury.

No extra strain: Tires don’t require air to fill in, so there is no extra effort involved in keeping them at a standard pressure level. These tires are time-saving.

Best for regular use: Strollers with foam-filled tires are the best for regular use. On pavements as well as plain roads, they provide smooth maneuverability.


Heavy: Tires stuffed with foam are heavier than air-filled tires. During production, they gain a little weight.

Take Effort To Push: As compared to air-filled tires, strollers with foam tires are harder to push. The foam tires consume energy to push the stroller due to their filling.

Weak Road Grip: Foam tires are not going to give you super grip on the road. This is why these tires aren’t suitable for jogging; they don’t provide the road grip of air-filled tires.

Not suitable for gravel roads: Foam tires are not suitable for gravel roads. As any sharp object can cause a cut to the tires, causing them to erode more quickly.

Don’t support extensive use: You may wear out your stroller’s tires in no time if you use them frequently. 

Best Pick Foam Tire Strollers

Air-Filled Tires

  • Gives better road grip
  • Longer life cycle
  • Best for jogging
  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • Super smooth maneuverability
  • Expensive
  • Risk of puncture

These tires come with an inner tube that enables the stroller to move easily and provide a comfortable ride. The air pressure inside the tires acts as suspension, which absorbs the major impact of the shocks and keeps the baby from getting bumped. They are excellent on gravel roads. Having proper tire pressure facilitates a soft ride.

Strollers That Feature Air-Filled Tires

You will find jogging strollers with pneumatic tires. Runners require strollers capable of jogging. You can jog or stroll with the baby while using these strollers because their tires make it easy for you. 

All-terrain and off-road stroller manufacturing brands also provide these tires and provide durable strollers for regular use. Running strollers can also be found in all-terrain and off-road models.

In addition to the pneumatic tires, these strollers usually feature good suspension systems. Tire pressure acts as natural suspension, and additional suspension systems provide an additional mechanism to absorb shocks while on the road.

Who Needs Air-Filled Tires?

Will you be jogging with the stroller or do you need an all-terrain stroller? 

A stroller with air-filled tires is required if your answer is yes. Regular strollers cannot fulfill a special task such as jogging because they have ordinary tires.

For city dwellers who need a stroller for walks and outings, it is not necessary to purchase such expensive strollers. Ideally, you should purchase a regular stroller for urban use.


Tires with high strength: These tires are intended for heavy-duty use. With pneumatic tires on a stroller, you can go anywhere. Their off-road performance is excellent. You can also use a pneumatic tire stroller to jog.

Larger size: Strollers with air-filled tires can be used on any surface due to their bigger wheel size. They are larger in diameter, adding to the ride’s stability and allowing the stroller to roll faster.

Long life: They live a long time. You might not have to replace tires in your stroller during your baby’s strolling life if you choose a high-quality stroller with pneumatic tires.

Road Grip: Pneumatic tires provide better road grip than any other type of tire. A strong road grip makes these tires ideal for jogging. A stable ride requires tires with a good road grip.


Costly: Strollers with pneumatic tires usually have a higher price tag. The fact that these strollers have to withstand extensive use leads to them being quality-made, which inevitably results in an expensive product.

Puncture: Pneumatic tires aren’t puncture-proof and air pressure could be lost if you run over anything sharp. To prevent the possibility of tires going flat, you may wish to keep a tire repair kit on hand.

Air Pressure: For a better ride experience, you should maintain the required air pressure in tires. The additional workout will take a couple minutes as well. For this purpose, you can purchase an electric tire pump.

Best Pick Air Filled Tire Strollers

Plastic Tires

  • Lightweight tires
  • Best for travel
  • Suitable for secondary use
  • Affordable than previous two options
  • Super soft ride on plain surfaces
  • Smaller size wheels
  • Wear out soon
  • Don’t provide smooth maneuverability

Budget strollers come with hard plastic tires. Strollers with these tires cost less. Famous brands provide quality made plastic tires with their strollers.

Strollers that Have Plastic Tires

Plastic tires are given to:

These strollers are designed for casual use and prove the best companions for travel.

Who Needs One

You’ll need one if you want a backup to your regular stroller. Plastic tire strollers are portable and lightweight baby carriers that are great for travel and small walks.


Lightweight: Due to their smaller size, plastic tires will not give you the same ride as foam or pneumatic tires.

Affordable: Plastic tires are available for strollers at a low price. From $25, you can get one.

Fit for occasional use: You can take a plastic wheel tire for occasional use. You can also consider it if you need a secondary stroller.


Small size: Due to their smaller size, plastic tires will not give you the same ride as foam or pneumatic tires.

Don’t have easy maneuverability: Plastic tires don’t give you easy steering, so they aren’t suitable for gravel roads.

Wear-out soon: These tires don’t last that long. Wear and tear on plastic occurs over time. Therefore, plastic tire strollers are only suitable for occasional use.

Let’s sum up

You will find three types of stroller tires:

  1. Air-filled
  2. Foam-filled
  3. Plastic

When it comes to strollers that you need for extensive daily use, opt for air-filled tires. You can enjoy jogging excursions and walking around town on this type of tire. Depending on your needs, you can choose from single and double pneumatic tire strollers.

If you need a stroller only for routine use, you can buy any regular stroller. The best choice for an infant is a travel system, or a double if you have twins.

Finally, plastic tire strollers are best suited to casual strolling. In case you need a stroller for occasional use and for travel, you can choose a travel stroller.

That’s all from my side. If you’ve any questions in mind just ask me below in the comments.

Happy Strolling!


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