Air Travel With Stroller – Make It Joyful

how to protect stroller when flying

It’s a beautiful sunny day, and you are sitting on the plane about to take off. You have your carry-on bag stowed safely in the overhead bin above you, but what do you do with your baby’s stroller?

When it comes to baby travel, safety is a top priority. Flying with a baby can be stressful and confusing for parents, but there are things you can do to keep your little one’s big toy safe. In this article we will discuss how to protect your stroller when flying and how to handle the whole situation once you land at your destination.

One of the best ways to keep your baby happy when flying is by bringing along their stroller. It’s a good idea to pack a copy of your airline tickets and boarding pass in the back pocket of the stroller so that if it does get misplaced, it will still be easy to find. You should also purchase a car seat for your infant before you fly so that s(he) can continue sleeping comfortably while on board.

Some parents choose not to bring a stroller and instead use a rental one in the destination city, which is an excellent alternative because it cuts down on additional luggage. This technique saves weight while requiring extra money.

However, when you’re going through all of the security procedures before getting on the plane, it’s impossible to carry your baby without a stroller. The stroller will keep the youngster secure and calm throughout the journey. As a result, it’s recommended that you bring your stroller to the airport if you want your kid to remain calm and comfortable.


Traveling can be a joyful activity if you do it right. The excitement and newness of the experience will keep your mind refreshed, making travel much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

People often pack their bags with unnecessary things that make them stressed out about safety when traveling by plane. Parents who travel with a stroller are more cautious about the protection of their child’s carrier. To get the most out of your journey, keep the following suggestions in mind.


Expert travelers go light on luggage and pack only the necessities. When you have to fly, be resourceful and keep things simple. Only the most essential items should accompany you when traveling. A stroller is something you can’t leave behind if you’re traveling with the baby. It’s required for your kid’s safety.

Fortunately, you are not prohibited from bringing your stroller on board. You can easily bring your stroller on the plane. Baby strollers have varied rules at airlines. It’s a good idea to check with your airline about fees for a stroller. Most airlines won’t charge you anything if your stroller isn’t too big. If you have a larger stroller, or if you need to gate-check your stroller, fees will vary.

While bringing your stroller for travel, be sure to keep its weight in mind. A heavy stroller will only tire you out and make difficult maneuvering while on vacation. A lightweight model is much easier to carry around and won’t slow you down when exploring new places.


Do you have a large full-size stroller? If that’s the case, prepare for a stressful journey. Many parents bring jogging strollers or travel systems to the airport and encounter several issues. Because these hefty baby carriers are difficult to handle and safeguard. If you’re taking such a stroller with you, make sure it’s packed in a way that minimizes damage.

For parents who are always on the go, buying a travel stroller is an excellent investment. These lightweight and compact products make it easy to take your kid anywhere without having any trouble navigating through crowds or narrow spaces like airports. 

A much better option is to purchase a travel stroller specifically designed for traveling. These lightweight and compact models fold up quickly and easily, without any heavy pieces that need to be detached. Few of them also come with a carrying strap, making them easy to take on the go.

A good lightweight stroller can serve you in your routine walks. This will act as a backup to your regular stroller and can occasionally be used for short trips or little walks around town, so spending on the right type of baby gear is worth it.


You might think that securing your stroller when flying is a difficult task. However, by following these simple tips you can make sure the process goes smoothly and without any issues. If you have a travel stroller, traveling with it will be considerably simpler. This stroller may pass through every gap and can be stored in the overhead bin above your seat. If you only have one, congratulations! I’ve included some small and easy ways to safeguard your stroller on the plane below.


Each airline has its own set of guidelines for how to transport strollers. Be sure to read these carefully and follow the instructions. This will help ensure that your stroller is not damaged in transit and that you don’t run into any issues at the airport.

Some airlines require that you collapse your stroller before putting it in the overhead bin. Others allow you to leave it open, as long as it doesn’t take up too much space or impede other passengers. Be sure to check with your airline ahead of time so that you know what’s expected of you and how to properly pack your stroller for the flight.

If your stroller does not fit in the overhead bin, it will need to be checked. At the gate, you should see a representative from your airline who can tell you which baggage claim area to go to and how much it costs for an extra checked bag. Be sure that your stroller is labeled as fragile or with other similar signs so that they know how important it is when loading onto the plane.


Before you get on the flight, be sure to carefully check your stroller. Look for any damage that may have occurred during transit and see how it’s holding up. Take photos before you leave so that you can show an airline representative if needed.

At the end of the trip, do another once-over of your stroller. Make sure that there are no new scratches or dents, and that all pieces are still in working order. If anything is damaged, be sure to contact the airline as soon as possible so they can start the process of filing a claim.


If your stroller comes with any removable accessories, such as a child’s seat or canopy, be sure to detach these before putting the stroller in the overhead bin. These can easily be lost or damaged during transit and it’s best to have them safe and sound in your possession at all times.

If you’re not able to take your stroller apart, you can try to wrap it in a blanket or other soft material. This will help protect it from any scratches or damage that may occur during the flight.

Be sure to keep all of your stroller’s accessories together so that you have them when you land. Place them in a small bag and bring this with you on the plane so that you don’t lose track of any pieces.


You should aim to arrive at the airport at least two hours early. This will give you enough time for any potential problems that may arise and leave a little room in case of delays.

Be sure to bring all necessary pieces with you so that they can be submitted along with your stroller if needed. If you have a car seat, you’ll need to bring the manual as well as the base. Even if your stroller does not take up much room in the overhead bin, it still may be required for storage during takeoff and landing so that other passengers can reach their bags.


When checking your stroller, you can bring a special bag that will help protect it during transit.

Be sure to open up this protective bag and check for any damage once you’ve landed. If anything is broken then you will need to take photos before leaving the airport so that you can show an employee for insurance purposes.


  • Label your stroller with your name, contact number, and address. This will help airline staff identify and return it to you if it gets lost during the flight.
  • If possible, remove any detachable parts from the stroller and pack them in your carry-on luggage. This includes canopies, trays, and toys.
  • Lock the wheels before handing it over at check-in. Make sure that both brake systems are engaged when you hand over your stroller to airline staff so that they cannot be easily removed by an unauthorized person.
  • If your stroller has a sunshade or canopy, roll it up and attach it to the handle of the stroller. This will prevent it from getting damaged.
  • There is often a weight limit for checked baggage, so if your stroller weighs more than this you will have to check it in as hold luggage. This way it will be safer and not subject to the conditions of air travel.

Now that we have gone through the steps you need to take before your flight, let’s discuss what to do during the flight itself.

Booking Your Stroller

Many airlines allow you to reserve your stroller when booking a flight. This is an excellent option because it ensures that a stroller will be available for use during the journey and there won’t be any delays due to last-minute changes in arrangements.

All major airlines offer this service, but the reservation process and fees vary from airline to airline.

If you don’t reserve a stroller in advance, there’s often a limited number of them available at the airport on a first-come, first-served basis. So it’s best to arrive early to avoid any delays.


It’s best not to pack any valuables or breakable items inside the basket of the stroller at check-in because they are likely to get damaged during flight.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents such as boarding passes and ID with you when checking in the stroller.

The airline staff might ask you to sign a release form stating that they are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your stroller during the flight. If you don’t feel comfortable signing this form, politely refuse to do so.


By following tips given above, you can help keep your stroller safe during air travel. Be sure to carefully inspect it before and after the flight, and detach any removable accessories. If possible, try to arrive at the airport early so that you have plenty of time to deal with any potential problems. And lastly, be sure to bring along any stroller bag to further protect your equipment.

If any of these tips seem unclear or confusing, be sure to contact the airline directly for more information and clarification. They will do their best to help out in a pinch.

It’s always better to prepare yourself as much as possible before traveling with a baby by air since there are always unforeseen problems that may arise. If you know how to protect your stroller then there’s no reason why it can’t be a smooth trip for all of you, regardless of the mode of transportation.

Happy Strolling!


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