Baby Travel System Buying Guide [UPDATED]

Travel system buying guide

First-time parents usually get confused when they listen to the phrase ‘Travel System.’ They think about what the travel system is? What are its uses and benefits? Do they need it? So several questions arise in the mind when you first get introduced to this thing.

This article will cover relevant queries about travel systems and help you make a better decision to choose the best one for your baby.

What Is A Travel System?

We are living in a modern age where we see innovations in everything. The innovation has changed the entire world, so how can the stroller avoid innovations? Traditional strollers are now obsolete and can’t meet the demands of modern life.

The stroller manufacturing companies are providing the best products with luxury and novelty. A specific combination of luxury and innovation is known as the Travel System. These are the fully-loaded complete package strollers that provide comfort and luxury for both baby and parents.

A complete travel system is a set of;

  • Infant Car Seat
  • Regular Stroller
  • Car Seat Base

Infant Car Seat

In this set, the car seat is available for added luxury to serve the baby from birth. A car seat, also known as an infant capsule, comes with neck support and cushioning for comfortable seating to lay down the baby. The baby can nap and sleep in the car seat. The infant car seat snaps quickly in and out of the stroller’s frame.

The best luxury car seat provides its facility to transport baby in the capsule from car to stroller easily and contrariwise. Think about your baby sleeping in the car seat, and you have to transfer the baby from the car to the stroller. You’ll need to move the infant capsule from car to stroller without waking the baby, which is a relief for parents who don’t want to disturb the sleeping baby.

Some brands also give the bassinet compatible strollers, which is an added leisure. These types of travel systems provide an extra strolling option for the newborn baby.

Regular Stroller

The regular stroller is used for routine strolling when the baby outgrows the capsule. You will not have to buy a separate stroller when the baby becomes able to sit in the stroller by itself. So it’s an all in one deal that you have got all essentials in one purchase, and you will not have to buy different items again and again.

These travel systems provide a full seat with a harness and proper padding for toddlers. Usually, they have fixed seats. However, some brands give detachable seats that allow them to put off when don’t need them. This option provides the comfort to make the travel system a lightweight car seat carrier by removing the seat’s extra weight.

Car Seat Base

A car seat base is for using the infant capsule in the car. The base is placed on the vehicle’s rear seat, and the capsule is placed on the base to travel safely. Nowadays, the latch system gives a secure method to place capsules without a base. The Latch system provides easy to install car seat mechanism more safely without seat belts. You can find Latch hooks on the rear seats of vehicles.

Types Of Travel Systems

When you decide to buy a travel system, the market offers two variants in single or double with three options;

  • A Complete Travel System
  • A Travel System Ready Stroller
  • A Car Seat Carrier

Complete Travel System

These high-end strollers come with all essential specs and features. You can purchase any jogging stroller travel system or a regular travel system according to your needs. Usually, these strollers are heavy, bulkier in size, and costly in price. The best thing about these strollers is that they offer you all luxuries in just one purchase if you buy the best travel system. This type of stroller is thoroughly discussed above.

Travel System Ready Stroller

If you don’t want to spend more or have a car seat and want a stroller, then the best option for you is to go for a travel system-ready stroller compatible with your car seat. 

Moreover, if you don’t have a capsule and want a travel system, you can make your travel system by purchasing a compatible capsule and stroller combination. This separate stroller and car seat combination will give you a travel system at a low cost. Travel system ready strollers give a budget-friendly deal.

Car Seat Carrier

Do you have a capsule? And don’t want to push a bulkier travel system, then a car seat carrier is a solution for you. This carrier is a simple stroller frame without a stroller seat comes with a car seat adapter to easily clip into the capsule. 

This option will reduce the stroller’s weight, and you can quickly go around with your infant comfortably laying in the car seat. This option is an inexpensive substitute for a full-fledged travel system. Best fit for you if you have a car seat and need a carrier for it.

But keep in mind, these carriers are only useful for the capsule alone. So you will have to buy a separate stroller when your little kid can sit with proper neck control. 

What To Look For In A Travel System

Following, I’ll explain some key points to observe before finalizing the stroller.

Safety Features

Carefully look for the safety features of the stroller travel system you’re going to buy. A five-point harness is necessary these days. However, some brands provide three-point harnesses. 

Also, look for the wheels and their quality. Are they sturdy enough to bear the weight? Are the wheels able to roll on easily over the pathways where you want to stroll? Check for the parking brakes, which is an essential feature for safety when you park the stroller. Some brands give hand brakes, which have an added feature to provide more safe strolling.

Look for the infant capsule which the manufacturer is giving in the box. Does that capsule have a crumple zone? Crumple zone is also known as crush zone that provides safety in case of accident to keep baby safe from shock. Another thing to look into is the latch system. A latch system with the infant capsule is present, or a base is needed to transport the capsule in the vehicle.

Size and dimensions

Observe the size and dimensions of the stroller. Usually, travel systems have wider sizes and dimensions. They come with big chassis with more giant footprints. So it’s essential to look for the sturdiness and durability of the stroller.


Price varies from brand to brand. The point which you need to look for is the value a stroller is giving in its price. Sometimes people buy high-end travel systems with all bells and whistles, but the stroller doesn’t perform well and ultimately gives a waste for a high price. 

On the other hand, some brands give complete travel systems at a very economical price. And they provide the best results and win the trust of many parents.

Storage space

Technically, storage space is a parent-friendly feature. The baby has nothing to do with the storage space. For babies, a comfortable place is required to lay down or sit. If you have to go to shopping malls and grocery stores with your stroller, look for a stroller that gives ample storage space.


Finally, look for the folding size of the stroller. Is the folded stroller able to keep in the trunk? How easy is the folding mechanism? Some strollers have very complicated steps to fold, which becomes much effort taking and time-consuming. So carefully know about the folding size and mechanism of the stroller travel system you will buy.

Do you know how many strollers you’ll need to fulfill your strolling needs? Explore this link to find the exact answer about how many strollers do you eventually need.

Do You Need A Travel System?

Parents often ask about do they need a travel system, which is a tricky question to answer. Another query that parents ask that a travel system is worth buying. These are the common questions that arise in the mind when you are in search of the best stroller travel system. Answers to these queries are different for everyone based on the specific lifestyle and strolling needs of different people. As it’s your particular need, which will eventually help answer this question.

Travel systems are the most inventive and luxury class strollers of modern days. Every parent doesn’t need a travel system. I will discuss the primary and significant points that will eventually help you to decide whether you need a travel system or not.

To make a better decision, you must consider some critical points before buying a travel system. These are basic need evaluating points that will help to determine your specific requirement. That determination will direct you to a final decision to buy a travel system or not.

Evaluate Your Budget

Just decide how much you want to spend on a stroller? 

Travel systems are high-end and expensive strollers. However, low priced versions are also available, but you will have to compromise on some features in those budget-friendly travel systems. 

First, you’ll need to decide your budget. If your demand is luxury, then get ready to spend more. The more you spend, the more you will get in features and specs. The low-cost travel systems are also very efficient and sturdy. They are the best to fulfill the basic strolling needs by putting less burden on your pocket. If you’re not fond of luxuries and want a travel system at an economical price, then go for these budget-friendly gadgets.

Do You Want Stroller For Newborn

Typically, travel systems serve children from birth to toddlerhood. So it’s the best option if you want to buy a stroller for your newborn baby. If you buy a complete travel system, then you will not have to buy any other stroller for your kid in the future. A travel system will accommodate all your strolling needs in one stroller.

If you want the stroller for a toddler, then a travel system is not for you. There are many strollers available in the market with different varieties and features.

Observe Your Lifestyle

Your style of living, how much you travel, how much you go for outings, and the travel system’s storage space do you have at home and in the vehicle?

If you frequently travel along with your kids, then you might need a travel system for your baby. The little one will comfortably lay down in the car seat, and the stroller will settle down in the trunk. 

You would need ample storage space for a travel system as it is a bulky stroller and acquires plentiful space in the car trunk. So first, see that your car trunk can easily store a bulky item. Moreover, observe your house and ask yourself if you can easily keep it or not.

Please remember that the travel systems are not suitable for air travel because of their size and heavyweight. They are the best for travel by road with a newborn baby when you have a big car trunk. Otherwise, compact strollers with lighter weight are available on the market specifically made for travel. These travel strollers are fit for toddlers and recommended for air travel.

What Safety Experts Say?

Expert’s opinion is the most important point to consider before buying a travel system. Safety experts strongly recommended not to lay down the baby in the car seat for a long time during the day. Babies can face some growth issues if laid down for a long time in a car seat. The recommended time to spend in a car seat is a maximum of 2 hours for a newborn during 24 hours.

Car seats are for carrying a baby when you travel. It will be harmful to the baby staying for a more extended period in the car seat. A car seat does not provide a completely flat surface for the baby. A newborn baby needs to lay down flat as recommended by the child safety experts. 

The bassinet is the best baby gadget that provides a completely flat surface with protective boundaries. Safety experts recommend using a bassinet when laying down the baby for an extended time. You can purchase a good bassinet stroller if you want the baby to stay inside the stroller for more than two hours.

Conclude Your Need

Finally, based on your budget, lifestyle, and most importantly, safety advice, sort out whether you eventually need a travel system or not. If your lifestyle is not so busy like you don’t travel frequently, why buy a bulky stroller? Go for other best options like lightweight strollers and regular strollers.

The travel system is best suited for urban parents, as it supports a busy life. Moreover, if you’re planning to use a stroller when the baby can sit and have neck control, you don’t need any travel system. 

If you don’t want a car seat or a heavy travel system, then a stroller with a bassinet or a stroller that supports the bassinet will be the best option for you.

Read the complete stroller care guide to help you keep your stroller clean and sanitized.

Final Words

That’s all from my side. I do hope that this guide on buying baby travel system has helped you to clarify different questions regarding the travel systems strollers. These travel systems are suitable for busy parents. The travel system allows them to carefully and safely transport the little kids as the car seat makes travel easy for the newborn in the vehicle. The main component which converts a simple stroller into a travel system is the car seat. A regular bassinet stroller is enough for you if you don’t have frequent road trips. You can easily stroll around with your newborn baby inside the bassinet.

Happy Strolling!


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