Jogging Stroller Buying Guide 2021


A father is playing with his kid inside a jogging stroller.

The busy schedule nowadays often gives very tight time slots for workouts. Furthermore, when you have kids, it becomes tougher to excrete a few minutes from a day for exercise. Children demand a full-time job until they sleep peacefully. For the ease of parents, stroller manufacturer brands have introduced jogging strollers for active parents. These strollers are time-savers for people, and they can utilize the maximum of their time when they go out with their baby. When it comes to choosing a running stroller, this guide will help you in buying the right jogging stroller.

A jogging stroller has a unique construction that a regular stroller lacks as I explained with details here. Its structure makes it capable of moving at a high pace and of carrying the weight. The purpose of a jogging stroller is to offer super easy maneuverability with the kid safely seated inside. Below, in this article, we’ll discuss in detail the unique features of jogging strollers that are important to consider before buying.

Several jogging strollers are available on the market with various specifications. Different brands provide a lot of innovation in their products. A new buyer might get confused to see a wide range of jogging strollers. S(he) may get lost in the fancy gadgets and may not decide which one to buy.

Keep your worries aside, as this article will help you to choose the right jogging stroller to fit your needs and your lifestyle. I’ll explain with details all essential features that are needed for a comfort ride. You’ll get insight into different types of these strollers below. At the end you will able to clear all ambiguities, and finally, you’ll have a direction towards the right decision. Before going down, I’ll recommend you to read the exclusive article on baby strollers which will help you to have a refined choice map.


Recommended Baby Age To Jog With

Before starting jogging with your stroller, you must know what experts say. Jogging with an infant aged less than six months is highly not recommended. Six months is the minimum age limit, but the best approach is to wait for babies to get a little bit older so that they can develop a mature spine and neck support to withstand the motion of jogging. As there will be a lot of movements up and down during jog, you will need to be careful about your baby. So jogging with a newborn is out of the question if you plan for such a jogging tour.


Are you looking for a stroller for the infant? Check this complete guide on choosing a stroller for newborn.


Types Of Jogging Strollers

While talking about jogging strollers, people often think of a three-wheeled stroller with bigger wheels as a jogging stroller. But all three-wheelers are not made for jogging. They may have some features and options like a jogging stroller has but not eventually suitable for jogging. So to have a better experience of jogging, first we’ll discover their types. This breed of strollers has three main types, hybrid, fixed wheels, and double. Let’s start with the hybrid class.

Hybrid Jogging Strollers

Present day’s most innovative and stylish strollers come with three wheels with the front swivel wheel option. These are lighter in weight and rich in features as compared to fixed-wheel jogging strollers. The front swivel wheel can be locked in a position when you want to jog with the stroller. This lock helps you focus on jogging by maintaining straight movement. The hybrid class also offers a complete jogging stroller travel system. The market also provides jogging strollers in the budget range that allow compatibility with infant capsules.

One more fantastic option these jogging strollers give that you can use them as regular strollers for everyday strolling, that’s why I described this class as hybrid strollers. Swivel-wheel allows easy movement of the stroller to assist you to have better control over the stroller. The storage basket underneath provides sufficient space for little sundries.

Keep In Mind

While jogging by locking the front swivel wheel puts too much stress on the swivel mechanism even if the wheel is locked, the swivel front wheel can create problems when you use a hybrid jogger for a long time. However, they are good to use with swivel locking if you want to jog occasionally with the stroller.

They have all terrain capabilities and also known as all-terrain or off-road strollers. They beat regular strollers when it comes to everyday use other than jogging. However, modern hybrid strollers come with refined swivel mechanisms that work very well with locking during the jog. These strollers provide better quality and durability as compared to the early generations. These strollers are best for occasional running.

Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

If you are an avid jogger and want a stroller to perform well and last, buy a dedicated jogging stroller with fixed wheels. Unlike the hybrid class, these strollers have a fixed front wheel. They have purely jog supportive construction and architecture. They work for the long term and give the maximum output in the routine jogging tours.

The fixed front wheel helps super easy maneuverability. It goes naturally straight, so you don’t need to keep it from moving left-right. It gives a constant pace to focus on jogging. These strollers are bulky due to their features of sustaining high speed. You’ll need a separate stroller for routine use as they can not help in the regular strolling.


Do you know how many strollers you’ll need to buy? Follow the link to find  answer.


Double Jogger

Double jogger comes with two side by side seats or in a tandem style seating, which may be a hybrid double or fixed wheel double jogger. You can purchase any of them based on your needs. It has three wheelbases with all basic specs. The double jogger is suitable for twin babies or toddlers of different ages. This type of stroller gives the ease of strolling and jogging with both kids at the same time.

Remember that a double jogger with twin seats is broader and heavier than a single stroller. It can create problems in passing through tight spaces. Moreover, a double jogger requires more effort to control, move, and store than a single one. However, if you buy a tandem jogging stroller then you’ll not face any problem passing through tight spaces. Do you want to buy a double stroller, check this exclusive guide which will help you to know everything about double strollers.


What To Look For In A Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are excellent if you are an avid jogger. A good jogging stroller is the best product that can help you to jog with the stroller. Having the right jogging stroller can make a huge difference.

A fully loaded jogging stroller comes with a robust suspension, air-filled bigger wheels, and a sturdy frame. It has a dynamic hand brake system, and its large rear wheels provide the maximum output when you push it during the jog. The market offers a lot of variations and different models of jogging strollers. A good jogger gives all the essential features with one purchase. Below, we will go through the must-have features for a stroller to jog.

Three Bigger Wheels

Unlike the regular four-wheel strollers, the jogging stroller comes with a three-wheel design. At least 12 inches wheels with air-filled tires are suitable for jogging. For a better experience, choose a stroller with 16 inches wheels.

Air-filled tires play a crucial role in giving super easy maneuverability. A good jogging stroller is so easy to move that you can roll it by pushing with just one hand. Moreover, air-filled tires help to pass on all terrains easily. Cobblestones, bumps, and uneven pathways are not an issue for it.

Car Seat Compatibility

The stroller you’re going to buy allows the car seat to fit in or not. A stroller with car seat compatibility becomes a newborn carrier by attaching an infant car seat. Usually, the hybrid class gives this facility. Almost all prominent brands in the market are giving travel-system ready strollers, and you can attach them to any compatible car seat. Or you can buy a complete jogging travel system if you need a jogger to use for an infant.


Are you searching for a travel system? Read this article before ordering your travel system.


Efficient Suspension

You might think why to have a suspension in the stroller. Well, it becomes significant to have a good suspension when it comes to a jogging stroller. There will be many up-down movements that a jogging stroller will face when you push it during the jog. The suspension absorbs little shocks and bumpy movements to give the baby a comfortable ride.

Suspension and bigger air-filled tires provide mechanical support to help you easily push the stroller with less force to maintain a stable jogging pace. A good suspension is beneficial for rough terrains and bumpy roads. However, if you’ve to use the stroller on plain and clean pathways, you can buy a jogger without suspension as the bigger pneumatic tires themselves contribute to provide a smooth ride.

Child Safety:

5 Point Harness

How easy is it to place a baby on the seat? How easy is it to release straps to take the baby from the stroller’s seat? Modern-day strollers come with a five-point harness for complete safety. This feature provides a super easy mechanism to strap babies inside securely. Seat belts with adjustable straps allow the baby to sit comfortably inside the seat. You can go on jogging with peace of mind when the child is safe inside the stroller.

Tether Strap

A tether strap is attached to the stroller to wear in hand for safety to prevent losing control over the stroller. A tether strap will help you to control the stroller. It is recommended to wear the tether strap on your wrist all the time when you are using the stroller.

Responsive Brakes

A responsive braking system is significant when you are jogging with the stroller. Like you’re going downhill, and for better control over the stroller, you will have to use the hand brakes to slow down the stroller. This feature assists in efficient stroller driving.

Bigger Canopies

This feature is for the comfort of the baby inside the seat. Bigger canopies give full sunshade when you’re out for a jog. The baby can comfortably nap with the rhythm of the stroller movement. Modern strollers come with UV sun protection. A peek-a-boo window in the canopy is standard nowadays and helps parents keep their eyes on the baby inside the stroller seat.

Compact Fold

How easy is the stroller to put on and off in the car when folded? Compact folding provides you the facility to store the stroller in little spaces. A jogging stroller comes with exceptional features of bigger wheels and suspension. Because of its parts, it becomes heavy and bulky. Storing the folded stroller in the trunk may be a tough job for some people.

Modern jogging strollers come with a compact fold and lighter weight as compared to early generations. So the innovation in the strollers is still going on.


Check the complete stroller care guide to keep your stroller clean and sanitized for the baby.


Let’s Conclude

So this is the complete guide on jogging strollers, in which I’d explained all the essential queries about jogging strollers to help parents make the right decision. This information is necessary to know before buying a jogging stroller. The primary purpose of the jogging stroller is to save the time of busy parents. You can buy a hybrid jogger if you want a stroller for everyday use and occasional jogging.

A good hybrid jogging stroller gives value to money with its durability and versatility. It makes your life easy to help with routine strolling and running. A hybrid jogger gives the extra value of being two in one. On the other hand, a jogger with a fixed front wheel is purely made for jogging. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then go for a fixed wheel jogging stroller to get your workouts’ best result.

That’s all from my side. If you’ve any questions or suggestions, paste them below in the comment box.


Happy Strolling!


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