Double Stroller Buying Guide

Double stroller buying guide

Cindy is the mother of beautiful twin boys. She bought a tandem stroller for them. Both kids were enjoying their joyful ride in the infant capsules. When the little kids became able to sit, she retired the car seats and attached the stroller’s regular seats for both kids to sit. Strolling was going happily with cute babies.  

As the babies grew older, they started to compete for the front seat of the stroller. Both of the children insisted on sitting in the front. No one agreed to sit on the second congested seat with little leg room and limited front visibility. Now the tough time starts for Cindy. However, she sorted out a solution and start giving the front seat to both kids turn by turn.

This was a temporary solution, and it didn’t solve the problem at all. As the growing children were also developing consciousness and both of the kids were demanding equal perks. Finally, after some brainstorming and searching online, she concluded that a side by side double stroller could make her twins happy at the same time.

She bought a side by side stroller. The moment was wondrous when she seated her kids on it. Both were too excited to see this new beautiful gadget, and they accepted it gladly. Now Cindy can freely stroll with both her kids. Both are happy after getting equal perks and facilities in their seats.

This short story of Cindy can help you to understand the situation when you stroll with twins. Buying the right double stroller for your kids is an important task. Cindy first purchased a tandem stroller, which was not the right choice for her twins.

In this article, you’ll get a deep insight into the wide range of double strollers available on the market. A detailed guide about different types of double strollers, their uses, and feasibility for twins and kids of different ages will help you buy the right double stroller. Before going below, this exclusive guide on baby strollers will help you to better understand the topic we are discussing in this article.

Types Of The Double Strollers

Various brands in the market provide a variety of versatile double strollers. Double strollers fall into two main categories;

  • Side by Side Double Strollers
  • Tandem Strollers

Both categories have further branches, which we’ll discuss below. Let’s start with the first category. 

Side By Side Double Stroller

As the name suggests, these strollers have twin seats and can transport two kids seated next to each other. These are well-made strollers and come with a variety of options. Different types of designs and models are available to choose from. These strollers come in three forms, for twin newborns, toddlers and specifically made for jogging.

Side by Side Stroller For newborn Twins

All side by side is not suitable for newborns. The stroller you will buy should have bassinets for infants as newborns could not sit by themselves. And even if a few months old children can sit on a seat but could not support the neck. So the stroller with bassinet is a must for newborns. 

A variety of different side by side strollers with bassinets are available in the market. These strollers require wide spaces to move and store. These strollers are not suitable in narrow areas, doorways, and tight aisles. Because of their width, they need broad pathways to maneuver easily.

Usually, these strollers cater to all your strolling needs from birth to the age of almost three years and above. You can convert these strollers according to the need of your kids. For example, if you’re going with newborns, attach the bassinets and go on. When the children outgrow bassinets, regular seats of the stroller are there to help you. This stroller will then cater to your regular strolling needs with its seats.

Famous brands offer infant capsule compatibility with their strollers, which offer travel system ready strollers. You can easily attach the car seat when you need to travel.

Do you want to buy a stroller for a newborn and not sure about which one to buy? Don’t worry, check out this exclusive guide on selecting the right double stroller for a newborn.

Regular Side by Side Strollers

Regular side by side strollers are suitable for toddler twins, who can sit and have proper neck control. These are suitable for grocery shopping, sidewalks, and little outings. Usually, these strollers come with fixed seats attached to the chassis. These strollers offer safety features like harnesses and brakes.

For regular use, you can buy any simple lightweight or umbrella double stroller with two comfortable seats. Normally, these strollers are sturdy and easy to maneuver. They have got a wider size as you are carrying a stroller which is double in the size of a single stroller. Sometimes it becomes difficult to pass through narrow spaces. When looking at a kid’s perspective side by side strollers are the favorite of twins. 

These strollers come with huge baskets, side pockets, canopies, and a range of other useful options like parent consoles, and cup holders. So if you are a parent of toddler twins, make both of them happy at the same time with a double seat stroller. If you want a jogging double stroller then read the below-explained category of these strollers.

Side by Side Jogging Strollers

If you are the parent of twins and want to jog with the stroller go for a side by side jogging stroller. This type of stroller is specifically designed and made for heavy-duty purposes. You can go on jogging with this stroller by comfortably seating your kids inside. These strollers are sturdy, super easy to maneuver, and provide a very smooth ride with their advanced suspension. 

Please remember the safety guidance before buying a jogging stroller. The child’s safety experts recommend that the baby’s age should be at least 6 months for going on a jog in the stroller. I’ll further suggest you wait for your kids to grow a bit older to eight months as they develop a mature spine and proper neck control to cope with the motion of jogging.

Jogging strollers are usually costly in price, because of their heavy-duty feature. They need to be sturdy, and they need to carry two kids at the same time. 

Tandem Double Strollers

Tandems are also a kind of double strollers, unlike side by side seating they provide inline front and back seating options. These strollers are longer in length and have a width equal to a single stroller. Tandem strollers are feasible for you if you have tight spaces to move the stroller where a side by side bulky stroller could not pass, a tandem stroller can easily pass through.

Stroller manufacturing companies provide a number of useful features in tandem strollers. Harness and brakes are also provided for a secure ride. Tandems come in three classes. Let’s start with the regular tandem strollers.

Regular Tandem Stroller

Regular tandem strollers come with two front and back seats. Some brands also provide car seat compatibility. Bassinet option is also available in selected brands. Some people purchase these strollers for newborn twins. If you have a newborn and a toddler, then a regular tandem stroller is feasible for you.

Modular Tandem Strollers

The modular stroller is another wonderful option available in the stroller world. These strollers are convertible strollers and grow with the growing needs of your family. People also call them single to double convertible strollers. Some parents buy a convertible stroller when their first baby is born. These strollers perform as a single stroller and become double after coming the second baby.

Sit-Stand Stroller

Technically this is a kind of modular stroller. Some brands provide a platform in their strollers to convert them to sit and stand strollers. So the older kid can easily and safely ride on the platform and can enjoy strolling by standing or sitting behind his/her newborn sibling. Amazing stroller to make the older kid happy.

Check out this exclusive stroller care guide to keep your stroller clean and sanitized.

How To Choose The Right Double Stroller?

The most complex question is how to choose the right double stroller? This question requires some variables to be explained before answering. Age of kids, the area where you are going to use the stroller, and your kids are twins or of different ages. These are a few points on the basis of which I’ve explained below different queries of parents.

Different queries will explain different circumstances. Your situation may fit in any one of the following three headings and you can easily decide on the right stroller after reading the following section.

Two Strollers Or Double Stroller?

When it comes to buying a stroller for two kids, having two strollers for both is not a feasible deal. How can anyone stroll with two kids in two different strollers at the same time? Seems funny to imagine. However, it’s possible when both parents are on a walk and pushing two strollers but it feels awkward. 

When you have got a great option in the shape of a double stroller then why go for two strollers? It’s far better than to purchase a double stroller instead of two separate strollers. You can buy any available type of double strollers for babies. Below I’ve explained what type of double stroller is best suitable for twins and kids of different ages.

Best Suitable Double Stroller For Twins

When it comes to strolling with twins, giving them equality in a single stroller is not possible. I think, in this world, no kid will wait for his/her turn without crying. For parents, it’s unbearable to see their kids crying. To avoid such situations, a double stroller is the best solution. Now a question arises about what type of double stroller to buy for twins?

Parents of twins need to buy a similar thing for both. For example, if you buy a toy for one then you can’t ignore the other child. You’ll also have to buy an identical toy for the other one. Any variation of color, size, or anything else in the toys will make both kids unhappy. Because both will compare their toys with each other and think that the other one’s toy is better. As it’s a human trait to compare with others and ignore what is at hand.

Children don’t accept the logic. They determine the matters only on two variables, black and white. If their demands are fulfilled, then it’s white; otherwise, you’ll get black. So to earn white from your twins, you will have to accommodate both in a stroller with equal perks for two kids. To make twins happy at the same time ‘equality is the best policy’.

I’ve explained all kinds of double strollers above in his article. You have a piece of complete knowledge about this topic now. When it comes to choosing a stroller for twins, the best feasible type of double stroller for twins is the side by side structure where the kids can sit next to each other without any hassle.

These strollers provide the same seating options for both kids and both can enjoy strolling sitting next to each other. Moreover, they will not complain the other one is getting the better seat as happens for the parents who stroll with tandems, where one kid has to compromise some luxuries.

Double Stroller For Kids With Different Age

Kids of different ages can be accommodated in any type of double stroller. You can go for a side by side double stroller if you don’t have tight space issues. As these strollers have wider footprints and passing through narrow spaces may be a challenge when you’re rolling a side by side double. These strollers have easy maneuverability when compared with tandems.

If you’ve to stroll through narrow doorways and aisles, then you can buy any good tandem stroller. Tandems are compact in size, and their narrow footprints help to easily pass through tight spaces. They have a width equal to a single stroller but have a longer structure than any regular stroller. This longer design makes its handling a bit difficult. However, after some practice, you will learn to control this stroller.

Children of different ages can be happily served in a tandem stroller. For example, if you have a newborn and a toddler, then you can go for a tandem stroller. The newborn will settle in the capsule and the toddler will gladly sit or even stand on the second available option.

Is one stroller enough for you? Read this article to know how many strollers do you eventually need?

Let’s Conclude

Buying the right double stroller for your kids is really important. Various points and considerations need to be pondered when you’re going to buy the double stroller. In this guide, I’ve explained all types of double strollers available in the market. By keeping in mind above mentioned important points you can easily buy the best match to your need for your kids from the wide range of double strollers. 

I suggested a side-by-side structure is the best for twins and tandem is suitable for kids of different ages. I do hope that this article helped you in making your final choice. Please ask me in the comment section if you’ve any questions.

Happy Strolling!


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